Casa Molino News

You may notice that there are discrepancies in the photographs on the website. They show the view and character of the house but, as we maintain and update when needed, changes do take place. For instance, the shutters are now a sage green colour instead of the varnished brown wood look that appears in many of the pictures.

Some few years ago our driveway was vastly improved by concreting over the old stony surface which used to wash away somewhat over the winter but now allows much easier driving up and down. Old wooden garden fences have been replaced and in Spring 2016 we replaced similar old fencing around the steps to the cellar and from the driveway to the upper door with a much more sturdy but still elegant wrought iron substitution. We also built a pergola at the top of the garden above the pool for an alternative shaded seating area with great views across the valley.

Another improvement in Autumn 2016 was the installation of wifi which guests are free to use and was made possible by the recent appearance of a neighbour’s mast within range. Since mobile connection is still very poor at Casa Molino and a fixed line service is not provided, this will be very useful for those who would find it difficult to be out of touch there.

In 2017 we replaced our old leylandi and pyrocanthus hedges, which had grown too big to manage, with new hedging plants and also created an extra raised paved seating area in the liberated space, coupled with other garden plants, so creating another attractive space for views and relaxing with a refreshment.